Getting Close

Hi Class,

We are getting close the the end of our class together, just a few more details to finish up the semester.

  • Don’t forget to go in and comment on 3 of your classmates Voicethreads. I watched a few today and saw that some of you have already done so. I hope you enjoyed the presentations as much as Michelle and I are. Due Tuesday Dec. 8th.
  • Your final blog post and upload to Folio CI are due next Thursday, Dec. 10th
  • We would also like to request that you complete the SRTs for all your classes at CI. A reminder is sent to you via email, but you can find the link on your MyCI page as well.
  • Lastly, the UNIV program would like your feedback. Please see the msg below and take a minute our of your busy day to complete the short surveys about UNIV 349 and the experience working with a UEA/TEA (Katelyn for our class). See the msg in your email from the chair of the UNIV program, Dr. Francois. Being new to teaching this course, we did not know to integrate this into our grades, but will take the completion of the survey into account for any borderline grades.


Jill and Michelle



Virtual CI Activity

Hi All, Here is one more event going on this week at CI. The Writing & Multiliteracy Center is hosting a National Day of Writing event on Facebook. Details are below. This link should take you to the FB site, if not search for Celebrate National Day of Writing with Stories of Writing on Facebook. Details for Twitter in the announcement below. You have until midnight on Tuesday to share your story. Feel free to use our hashtag to let us know you participated, #univ349DC.


October 20 is National Day of Writing. CI: Tell us a brief story (in a few sentences) how you learned to write and your name will be put in a drawing for a $50 Bookstore Gift Card! Participants can also Tweet their “writing” story for $25 Bookstore Gift Card (@csuci_wmc)! Best posts will be highlighted on the WMC website.

RULES: Please, one entry for Facebook and one entry for Twitter. You may submit on both Facebook and Twitter.

All faculty, staff, and students at CI are encouraged to submit their story.

We accept stories on this event page starting on Monday, October 19th. Entry deadline is midnight, Tuesday October 20th. Prizes are drawn on Wednesday October 21st. Prizes are gift cards and cannot be substituted for cash.



Attention: ‘Cost of Higher Ed’ group

Higher Ed group,  We noticed that the lurking challenge was proving to be a bit more difficult for this group than others. This is likely due to the nature of this challenge. Below are a few groups, sites, #’s  and articles I think might help you dig a little deeper. This is a great topic and an important conversation for us all to be having. Enjoy!



Dear Students, I have just finished listening to and responding to our VT this week. Unfortunately, only 6 of you have participated. I am guessing it is because the directions this week were a little different in format. I have copied and linked to the weekly directions. It is very important for our class time on Thursday that you have read NetSMart pages 111-119 and responded to the VT prompt. Please come to class prepared to be active,

Uh Oh

image by Tom Simpson

discuss the reading and share your ideas on participatory culture. The ideas shared on the VT so far are great examples of what can be done when every day people participate and get involved in a cause. I especially love the KickStarter campaign shared by Ryland. It is fascinating to see what happens when our government starts using the concepts of participatory culture to address world wide crisis.

I can’t wait to read your blogs this week and see how many of you were able to embed images or video to enahcne your message. I also look forward to reading the comments you are leaving on your classmates blogs.

See you all on Thursday.


Sorry for the double posting, but wanted to make sure you all see this.


Google Docs for Group Notes

Hi All, Class was great today. It was wonderful to see and hear such passion in your discussions about the social issues you chose to focus on. I hope you enjoy digging into them a bit and sharing resources that you find with your group. We have set up a Google doc for each group. The docs are in your CI Google Drive. You can access this account through your CI email. You may also follow the appropriate link below. If you have multiple gmail accounts, be sure you are logged into your account in order to access and edit the below docs.


Jill & Michelle


Week 4 Updates

Hello All,

Hope you had a great weekend. We are excited to see which social issues you select and write about this week. Please remember all assignments are due Tuesday by 4:15.

Week 4 To Do List:   *

Warmly, Jill & Michelle


Great Class


Hi All, Michelle and I really enjoyed our discussion in class this week. Have a great weekend.


Update for Week 2

Hi Everyone,

Michelle and I have been watching for submissions of your CI Keys website for class. Since we have not received any urls, we went back and checked our directions. We realized a step was missing. Please follow the below directions.

  1. Go to to and click Get Started. You will be prompted to login with your CI credentials.
  2. Create your domain name. It will look like this, This name should be professional and appropriate for the academic setting. It does not have to be your name, but can be.
  3. Follow directions from this point forward on the video tutorials from the support site. The videos will walk you through installing word press and posting your first entry. We look forward to seeing the themes you choose and learning a bit more about you from your first post.

Remember we are available today, Tuesday September 1st from 3:00-3:45 for anyone needing help. If you are not on campus, but would like to connect you may call, 805-437-2792.

Warmly, Jill and Michelle