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Great Class


Hi All, Michelle and I really enjoyed our discussion in class this week. Have a great weekend.


Time- Management

Hello Class,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Labor Day Weekend. This week in class I will be covering time-management and how important it is in order to succeed in your academic career. Please take 4 minutes to watch this short youtube video on time-management before Thursday so that we might have a full and hearty discussion.






Week 3 Update: Assignments due tomorrow!

Hello, folks!

Your websites are looking fabulous! All websites that were submitted to us are now actively linked on the Student Blogs page.

Reminder! The Week 3 assignments are due tomorrow, Tuesday, 4:15pm. As we discussed in class last week, all of your weekly assignments are now due on Tuesday (instead of Thursday).

Some of you have already written your Challenge 1: Digital Footprint Audit post and they’re great. We’re looking forward to digging deeper into this topic on Thursday. Don’t forget to bring your screenshots of any surprising findings to share with the class.

Also, if you are interested in getting text message updates about our class (only 1-2 per week), please follow the simple steps available here:

See you Thursday!
Michelle & Jill


DIG Meetings

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a good week! I have put together your DIG Meeting schedules which I will post below. Please contact me if there are any problems or concerns or if you know there is a certain DIG Meeting you will not be able to make.


Katelynn Crook

TEA, Project ALAS/University Experience Program

California State University Channel Islands

Campus Location: PEEP Space – Madera Hall 1901

Phone: (805) 437-8588


DIG Meetings


Update for Week 2

Hi Everyone,

Michelle and I have been watching for submissions of your CI Keys website for class. Since we have not received any urls, we went back and checked our directions. We realized a step was missing. Please follow the below directions.

  1. Go to to and click Get Started. You will be prompted to login with your CI credentials.
  2. Create your domain name. It will look like this, This name should be professional and appropriate for the academic setting. It does not have to be your name, but can be.
  3. Follow directions from this point forward on the video tutorials from the support site. The videos will walk you through installing word press and posting your first entry. We look forward to seeing the themes you choose and learning a bit more about you from your first post.

Remember we are available today, Tuesday September 1st from 3:00-3:45 for anyone needing help. If you are not on campus, but would like to connect you may call, 805-437-2792.

Warmly, Jill and Michelle


How is your CI Keys domain coming along?

Hello and happy Monday!

How are your course sites coming along? Please complete the online form in the Week 2 assignment list as soon as your domain is created. This form will be sure we have the address for your new website (http://…… This week we will be collecting your site addresses and entering them into a course feed so all of you will be able to easily view and comment on each others’ blog posts throughout the class.  We are ready and waiting for your links!

Remember, Michelle will be available tomorrow (Tues, 9/1) from 3:00-3:45 in Solano 2171. Please stop by if you have a question about setting up your CI Keys site. The support videos provided in the Week 2 assignment list should be sufficient to get you going, but stop by if you need extra support.

If you are unavailable tomorrow at 3pm and need support, please email Jill directly to schedule a time to meet.

best wishes,
Michelle & Jill


Week 2 is Underway!

Hi everyone!

Jill, Katelynn, and I enjoyed meeting you all on Thursday. We’re going to have a great semester together! Most of you have completed all of the week 1 activities. If you did not, you received an email from me yesterday noting the items you need to complete. The work you do early on in this course is critical to establishing a regular study schedule for yourself. As we noted in class this week, time management skills are key to succeeding in an online class like this one!

In addition to a few other assignments, this week you create your own domain (the name of your website), blog, and blog post on CI Keys! This is an exciting first step into the discovery process we are embarking upon this semester. Your domain and blog are a professional reflection of you.

Everything you need is woven into the Week 2 assignment list here:

If you discover that you need assistance with setting up your domain in CI Keys, visit Michelle (in person!) from 3:00-3:45 in Solano 2171.

Have a great weekend!
Michelle & Jill





Class has begun! Week 1 assignments due tomorrow.


Hello, everyone!

We hope your first week at CI is going well. As you know, we will have our first in-class session for UNIV 349 tomorrow, Thursday, 8/27 from 3:00-4:15 in Bell Tower 1462.

Your week one assignments are due prior to coming to class.  There are several assignments you should complete before 3pm on Thursday. These include:

  • Participating in our VoiceThread Ice Breaker
  • Customizing your page in the Student Directory
  • Subscribing to our course site
  • Reading the course syllabus
  • Buying our textbook online

To view the complete details about your week 1 assignments, click here to go to our course site:

If you have any immediate questions, feel free to contact me directly at

Jill and I are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!




Welcome, students!


Hello Class, 

Welcome to University 349 Digital Citizenship. We are excited to meet you and get the semester started. We won’t be seeing you until next Thursday, so we would like to get a few things started. As it shows in the schedule of classes, this will be a blended class, meaning about 50% of our course time will take place in the online environment and the other 50% will take place on campus Thursdays from 3:00-4:15. You will have two facilitators for this class, Michelle Pacansky-Brock and Jill Leafstedt. In addition to your instructors, we are privileged to have Katelynn, our Transfer Experience Associate (TEA), on our team. Katelynn was new to CI last year and will be a great asset to you as you adjust to life at CI. 

Lets get started!

We have developed a course website, Please visit this site to get started. Take some time and explore. The site will grow and change over the semester as we get to know you and adjust the course based on our group. We will use CI Learn for Voicethread activities and to post grades, all other material and activities will be on our course site. Before we see you in person on Thursday, we would like to you to be familiar with the course and with each other. In order to do this, complete the activities below. 

  • Visit and Explore the course website
  • Read Syllabus
  • Complete Week 1 activities posted under Weekly Schedule
    • Voicethread
    • Student Directory
  • Purchase NetSmart by Howard Rheingold

Welcome to class and welcome to CI!

Jill & Michelle