Challenge 6-Share

challenge 6

This is your final project for this class. Take time to plan accordingly for each component of this project.  It is worth 30 points or 26% of your grade.

Component #1 *

Component 1.1 Create a VoiceThread Presentation
–Due Thurs, 12/3 at 4:15pm

Click here to view the rubric.

Create a persuasive VoiceThread presentation informing others about how to get involved with your social issue.

  1. Design the slides in Powerpoint or Keynote (Mac) that you will upload into your VoiceThread.

Your presentation will include 7-8 slides.

1 Slide: introduce the social issue

1 Slide: Explain why the issue is important to college students

2-3 Slides: present 5-7 facts you have learned about the social issue. You are encouraged to incorporate screenshots/images from your research here.

1 Slide: explain how others can engage with the issue through social media. Include specific names of accounts/resources.

1 Slide: Post a question to the class for discussion about your issue.

1 Slide: Feedback. Clearly label this slide “Feedback.” Leave a comment encouraging your peers to leave feedback for you here.

2. When your slides are done, save them as image files (.jpg or .png files). Learn how to do this in Powerpoint here and in Keynote select File/ Export/ Images.

3. Go to our course in CI Learn. Click on the “Create Final Project” link in the left toolbar.

4. Follow the steps in the video below to create your final project VoiceThread, leave your voice/video comments on your slides, submit it, and share with the class. You must click the box “share with the class” under the “Submit” button.

Component 1.2: Participate in Three VoiceThread Discussions
–Due Tues, 12/8 at 4:15pm

  1. Click on the “VoiceThread” link in CI Learn.
  2. You will see all the VoiceThreads your peers have shared.
  3. Select two VoiceThreads. Listen to the entire presentation. On the “Discussion” slide, leave a 2-3 minute prompt that critically responds to the prompt. If possible, build off of existing comments.

Component #2: *

Component 2.1: Write a final blog post reflection  — Due Thurs, 12/10 at 4:15pm

Click here to view the rubric.

    • Go back and listen to the comment you left in the VoiceThread ice breaker.
    • In your blog post of at least 500 words, share how the meaning of digital citizenship has changed for you since the beginning of the semester.
    • Also discuss the skills, ideas and concepts related to digital citizenship will you take with you into the remainder of your college experience and your life in general.

Component 2.2: Upload the final presentation file

  • Upload the final presentation file (.ppt or .key file) into Folio CI

* GE signature assignment