Challenge 1-Digital Footprint Audit

challenge 1

For this challenge you must audit your digital footprint. You will embark upon a critical investigation to discover what exists on the web about you.

Topics to search for your audit: 

  1. Perform a Google search of your name in an incognito/private window using Firefox or Chrome. Search with your first and last name without parenthesis (example: mickey mouse) and with parenthesis (example: “mickey mouse”). Examine the contents retrieved in the following categories: news, images, videos, web and articles.
  2. Google search your name with the names of current or previous employers.
  3. Google search your name with the names of current and previous schools.
  4. Expand your Google search to include social media sites even if you do not have accounts.  For example, “mickey mouse” Facebook; “mickey mouse” Twitter; “mickey mouse” YouTube; “mickey mouse” Flickr.

To complete this challenge, you will need to: 

  • Take screen shots of any surprising findings you discover. Click here to learn how to take a screenshot on your device.
  • Write a 250-500 word blog post that shares your reflections on the audit process. Remember your blog post will be shared publicly, so only share what you would like the world to know.
  • Be prepared to share your screen shots and a verbal summary of your findings with your classmates during our in-class session.

View Week 3 in the Weekly Schedule for more details.