Challenge 5-Engage

challenge 5


This challenge requires you to get active on social media by engaging with others about your social issue. Your goal is to contribute to the construction of knowledge about your issue by engaging with the influencers you’ve identified in the Lurking stage.

You must make this choice:

  • As you’ve learned from Net Smart and our discussions in class, the contributions you make through participation in social media sites become interconnected with your own digital identity or tattoo.  Throughout Challenge 5, you will be making contributions (posts) to social sites about your issue.
  • As you plan for challenge 5, you must decide if you will participate using your own social media account(s) or if you’d prefer to create a new account(s) to use for this challenge? The choice is yours!

What to do:

Each week, you will share posts/content with the hasthag #UNIV349DC in one or more of the following social sites: Twitter, Facebook (in a group or on a page related to your community), Instagram, Google+, Vine, Flickr.

Your posts will demonstrate the following the following types of social participation:

  • Comment on or a reply to an existing post
  • Share a resource you identify as valuable (Retweet, Reshare, Repost).
  • Write a blog post that conveys your current thoughts, opinion, or observation about your issue and share the link social media site.
  • Attend an in-person event about your issue, take photographs, and share them on social media.
  • Write a post about your issue that mentions another community member, in an effort to collaborate.
  • Write a post that poses a question about your issue (include a relevant hashtag) to lead and moderate a conversation.

Things to keep in mind as you participate:
Participation requires you to follow online etiquette. This etiquette may vary from site to site, but, in general, carefully model these ground rules:

  • Pay close attention to what you are posting, how it is worded and what communicates.
  • If you re-share something contributed by another person, mention that person in your post.
  • Recognize good ideas.
  • If something you say is taken the wrong way, gently apologize and clarify what you meant. Bad feelings can fester quickly online and avoid a conflict will make it worse.
  • On Twitter, follow users who you identify as valuable influencers on your topic.
  • If someone replies to you or comments on your post, acknowledge their action with a like, a “thank you” reply, or “favorite.”

As the weeks progress, be sure to check our Tagboard to view all of your contributions!

Blog Posts for Engage

Write a blog post each week about your experiences contributing to your chosen social sites. Include the following in your post:

  • Introduction to what you did and where you engaged/contributed
  • Explanation of why you  chose to engage where and how you did.
  • Describe any interaction or responses you had from others based on your contributions
  • What did you learn from this experience
  • Weeks 11 & 12 should build from your Week 10 post. Share what you did differently or how your engagement continued from week to week.

o   Due Weeks 10-12 (3 posts total)