CI Events Going On This Week!

Hello Univ 349,

As I said in class yesterday, I will be posting the events on WordPress each week, instead of giving a long list of announcements in class! This way we can spend more time doing activities and having awesome discussions! The events are hyperlinked so if you click on them it will direct you to the CI website and give you more information on that particular event.

On a side note Channel Islands Student Housing and Residential Education is hosting the Tunnel of Oppression event.

The Tunnel of Oppression is a campus diversity initiative originally developed at Western Illinois University in 1994, inspired by The Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. The creators of the Tunnel of Oppression sought to provide participants with an emotionally charged experience that would allow them to briefly experience what oppressed groups have endured/continue to endure in their lives. Through the use of photographs, facts, displays, vignettes, videos, and recordings concepts and forms of oppression are communicated to and interpreted by participants.

After “going through” the Tunnel participants (usually a small group – no more than 15 people) are able to debrief their experience with the facilitators who lead them through the Tunnel. Traditionally to close the debrief participants are asked to consider what actions they will take in their own lives to aid in deconstructing oppression.

If this is something that might interest you, they are looking for volunteers and actors to help with the event. If you are just interested in attending the event is October 28-29th registration is now open. You do not need to register but it helps so that they have enough people to work the event. It is more like an RSVP. If you are looking to get involved e-mail me and I can set you up with the right people. For more information you can visit

CI Events 09

Have a Wonderful weekend!

Katelynn Crook , TEA



Dear Students, I have just finished listening to and responding to our VT this week. Unfortunately, only 6 of you have participated. I am guessing it is because the directions this week were a little different in format. I have copied and linked to the weekly directions. It is very important for our class time on Thursday that you have read NetSMart pages 111-119 and responded to the VT prompt. Please come to class prepared to be active,

Uh Oh

image by Tom Simpson

discuss the reading and share your ideas on participatory culture. The ideas shared on the VT so far are great examples of what can be done when every day people participate and get involved in a cause. I especially love the KickStarter campaign shared by Ryland. It is fascinating to see what happens when our government starts using the concepts of participatory culture to address world wide crisis.

I can’t wait to read your blogs this week and see how many of you were able to embed images or video to enahcne your message. I also look forward to reading the comments you are leaving on your classmates blogs.

See you all on Thursday.


Sorry for the double posting, but wanted to make sure you all see this.


Week 7 Check-In

Hello and happy Friday!  We have a few items to check-in with you about.

  1. The grade book is current. The work that was submitted on time for Week 6 (Challenge 3, Component 2 blog post) has been graded. Please check the grade book in CI Learn and read any feedback we may have left for you. Always contact us directly with questions about your scores.
  2. As a reminder, this week you are focusing on Challenge 3-Component 3. This involves searching two social media sites. You are not required to create new accounts, provided you have access to two sites already (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, other?). Full instructions are included in the Weekly Schedule for Week 7. You also have one VoiceThread slide to comment on for the first 9 pages of Chapter 3 in Net Smart.
  3. You will notice that we’ve embedded a Twitter search widget in the left column of our site! All Tweets that include the hashtag #UNIV349DC will appear here. If you have chosen to search Twitter and have an account (or would like to take this opportunity to create one), feel free to share resources and reflections in the form of Tweets — just include our hashtag!
  4. Please click the link below to read more about our guest speakers, Michael Berman and Raechelle Clemmons! Click the “Submit my question” button and complete the form by next Thurs, 10/8.

Have a great weekend,
Michelle & Jill


Preparing for Tomorrow’s Class


Hi everyone. Jill and I are currently updating the gradebook for your Week 6 blog posts, which were due on Tuesday. It’s exciting to see your progress! Tomorrow, we’ll be stressing the value of incorporating visuals (images and videos) into your posts, as well as your Google Doc.

See you tomorrow!

Michelle & Jill


Week 6 Assignments Due Today

Hi everyone. How are your peer review searches going for Challenge #3? Your blog post and Google Doc contributions are due today at 4:15. Click here to review the Week 6 assignments.

Please be sure to visit several of your peers’ blogs through the links on the Student Blogs page and leave comments for your classmates. These interactions will deepen your understanding of the knowledge collection process, as you will gain insight about what your peers are doing and learning.

In class on Thursday, you will be spending time with your group sharing and discussing your findings thus far and preparing for the Social Media Search (Component 3) of Challenge #3.

See you Thursday!
Michelle & Jill


Week 5 Check-In

Hi everyone.

You should all be actively working on Component 1 of Challenge #3: Collect. Please be sure to read the overview of each component in the Challenge 3 description here. In addition to your blog post this week, you are also contributing at least 5 links to relevant sources you collected this week. At least two of those five links must be blogs that have passed your crap test!

I (Michelle) will not be able to attend our session this Thursday, as I’ll be in the air flying back from a conference in Georgia. Jill and I will both be reading your blogs, listening to the VoiceThread comments, and checking your Google Docs prior to Thursday’s class.

We’re excited to see your progress.

best wishes,
Michelle & Jill


Google Docs for Group Notes

Hi All, Class was great today. It was wonderful to see and hear such passion in your discussions about the social issues you chose to focus on. I hope you enjoy digging into them a bit and sharing resources that you find with your group. We have set up a Google doc for each group. The docs are in your CI Google Drive. You can access this account through your CI email. You may also follow the appropriate link below. If you have multiple gmail accounts, be sure you are logged into your account in order to access and edit the below docs.


Jill & Michelle


Week 4 Updates

Hello All,

Hope you had a great weekend. We are excited to see which social issues you select and write about this week. Please remember all assignments are due Tuesday by 4:15.

Week 4 To Do List:  

Warmly, Jill & Michelle