Final Project VoiceThread Presentation Due Today (Challenge 6, 1.1)

This is a friendly reminder that your final project VoiceThread presentation is due today at 4:15pm. As of Thursday at 10am, 5 students (Alex, Joshua, Marina, Marisa, and Ryland) have submitted their projects. Please read the rubric and the video “Create a VoiceThread” to view the process for making *and* submitting your project. Both of these items are included on the Challenge 6 overview page (

We are looking forward to engaging with your projects and we hope you are excited to engage with each others’ work, as well! If you have questions, contact us.

Here are the remaining due dates for the semester.

By Tuesday, December 8th at 4:15:  Complete Challenge 6: Component 1.2: Participate in two VoiceThread Discussions.

By Thursday, December 10th at 4:15  Complete Challenge 6: Components 2.1 and 2.2: Write final blog post reflection and upload presentation file in ti Folio CI.

Michelle and Jill


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