Getting Close

Hi Class,

We are getting close the the end of our class together, just a few more details to finish up the semester.

  • Don’t forget to go in and comment on 3 of your classmates Voicethreads. I watched a few today and saw that some of you have already done so. I hope you enjoyed the presentations as much as Michelle and I are. Due Tuesday Dec. 8th.
  • Your final blog post and upload to Folio CI are due next Thursday, Dec. 10th
  • We would also like to request that you complete the SRTs for all your classes at CI. A reminder is sent to you via email, but you can find the link on your MyCI page as well.
  • Lastly, the UNIV program would like your feedback. Please see the msg below and take a minute our of your busy day to complete the short surveys about UNIV 349 and the experience working with a UEA/TEA (Katelyn for our class). See the msg in your email from the chair of the UNIV program, Dr. Francois. Being new to teaching this course, we did not know to integrate this into our grades, but will take the completion of the survey into account for any borderline grades.


Jill and Michelle



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