How is your CI Keys domain coming along?

Hello and happy Monday!

How are your course sites coming along? Please complete the online form in the Week 2 assignment list as soon as your domain is created. This form will be sure we have the address for your new website (http://…… This week we will be collecting your site addresses and entering them into a course feed so all of you will be able to easily view and comment on each others’ blog posts throughout the class.  We are ready and waiting for your links!

Remember, Michelle will be available tomorrow (Tues, 9/1) from 3:00-3:45 in Solano 2171. Please stop by if you have a question about setting up your CI Keys site. The support videos provided in the Week 2 assignment list should be sufficient to get you going, but stop by if you need extra support.

If you are unavailable tomorrow at 3pm and need support, please email Jill directly to schedule a time to meet.

best wishes,
Michelle & Jill


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