Let the Engagement Begin & A VoiceThread Reminder

Hi there, everyone.

Jill and I are on the edge of our seats watching your posts appear on our Tagboard. Thus far we commend those on Twitter who are asking critical questions and even reaching out directly to politicians (go, Melissa!). As the rest of you jump in, take time to mindfully lurk on the Tagboard and notice the practices your peers are demonstrating. This is a great way to learn. For those of you using Twitter, Jill and I may reach out with a tip or two as you progress and we will be retweeting our favorite posts.

Also, there is a low participation rate in this week’s VoiceThread. Please be sure to contribute one comment to the two VoiceThread slides (total of 2 comments) for this week (they are currently slides 3 and 4 in the VoiceThread).  Please make your comments by tomorrow to receive credit for this week.

Let us know if you have any questions along the way and we’ll see you on Thursday!


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