Dear Students, I have just finished listening to and responding to our VT this week. Unfortunately, only 6 of you have participated. I am guessing it is because the directions this week were a little different in format. I have copied and linked to theĀ weekly directions. It is very important for our class time on Thursday that you have read NetSMart pages 111-119 and responded to the VT prompt. Please come to class prepared to be active,

Uh Oh

image by Tom Simpson

discuss the reading and share your ideas on participatory culture. The ideas shared on the VT so far are great examples of what can be done when every day people participate and get involved in a cause. I especially love the KickStarter campaign shared by Ryland. It is fascinating to see what happens when our government starts using the concepts of participatory culture to address world wide crisis.

I can’t wait to read your blogs this week and see how many of you were able to embed images or video to enahcne your message. I also look forward to reading the comments you are leaving on your classmates blogs.

See you all on Thursday.


Sorry for the double posting, but wanted to make sure you all see this.


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