Week 2 is Underway!

Hi everyone!

Jill, Katelynn, and I enjoyed meeting you all on Thursday. We’re going to have a great semester together! Most of you have completed all of the week 1 activities. If you did not, you received an email from me yesterday noting the items you need to complete. The work you do early on in this course is critical to establishing a regular study schedule for yourself. As we noted in class this week, time management skills are key to succeeding in an online class like this one!

In addition to a few other assignments, this week you create your own domain (the name of your website), blog, and blog post on CI Keys! This is an exciting first step into the discovery process we are embarking upon this semester. Your domain and blog are a professional reflection of you.

Everything you need is woven into the Week 2 assignment list here: http://univ349.brocansky.cikeys.com/weekly-schedule/#week-2

If you discover that you need assistance with setting up your domain in CI Keys, visit Michelle (in person!) from 3:00-3:45 in Solano 2171.

Have a great weekend!
Michelle & Jill





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