Welcome, students!


Hello Class, 

Welcome to University 349 Digital Citizenship. We are excited to meet you and get the semester started. We won’t be seeing you until next Thursday, so we would like to get a few things started. As it shows in the schedule of classes, this will be a blended class, meaning about 50% of our course time will take place in the online environment and the other 50% will take place on campus Thursdays from 3:00-4:15. You will have two facilitators for this class, Michelle Pacansky-Brock and Jill Leafstedt. In addition to your instructors, we are privileged to have Katelynn, our Transfer Experience Associate (TEA), on our team. Katelynn was new to CI last year and will be a great asset to you as you adjust to life at CI. 

Lets get started!

We have developed a course website, univ349.brocancky.cikeys.com. Please visit this site to get started. Take some time and explore. The site will grow and change over the semester as we get to know you and adjust the course based on our group. We will use CI Learn for Voicethread activities and to post grades, all other material and activities will be on our course site. Before we see you in person on Thursday, we would like to you to be familiar with the course and with each other. In order to do this, complete the activities below. 

  • Visit and Explore the course website
  • Read Syllabus
  • Complete Week 1 activities posted under Weekly Schedule
    • Voicethread
    • Student Directory
  • Purchase NetSmart by Howard Rheingold

Welcome to class and welcome to CI!

Jill & Michelle


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