Weekly Schedule

Week 1 *

Topics: Introductions, Overview and Expectations

To Do (complete these items by Thursday, 8/27):

  1. Click here to view the VoiceThread at CSU Channel Islands tutorial.
  2. Participate in our Voicethread Ice-Breaker! To access this VoiceThread,
    • Log into MyCI.
    • Click on CI Learn.
    • In your My Courses list, click on our class.
    • In our course, click on the “VoiceThread” button in the left navigation menu.
    • Click on the VoiceThread link.
    • Click the “Net Smart Book Talk” VoiceThread.
    • Listen to the instructions. Comment in voice or video on every slide with a prompt for the “Introduction” and “Chapter 1.” This is a total of 3 comments.
  3. Customize your page in the Student Directory. Follow these steps:
    • From a computer click on the Student Directory link at the top of this page.
    • Click the arrow in the lower left corner to move to Slide 2.
    • Click on the screen to view the 3 1/2 minute video tutorial.
    • Proceed to the slide with your name at the top and customize your page!
  4. Subscribe to this site to ensure you receive Jill & Michelle’s announcements via email.
    1. In the left column, enter your email address in the box above the Subscribe button.
  5. Read the course syllabus.
  6. Buy the textbook: Net Smart (not available in the bookstore, please purchase online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite retailer).

In Class on Thurs, 8/27:

  1. Course overview
  2. Getting started with CI Keys

Week 2 *

Topic: Digital Identity

To Do (complete these items by Thursday):

  1. Managing Your Digital Footprint– This is a tri-fold brochure, follow page numbers as you read.
  2. 6 Steps to Managing Your Digital Identity
  3. What is Digital Identity? (view the video below)
  4. Set up your own CI Keys WordPress site. Click here to get started.
  5. Click here to access the student support site for CI Keys and watch the videos – this will take about 25 minutes.
  6. Click here to submit your CI Keys link to Jill and Michelle.
  7. Blog Post #1 Write and publish your first blog post (minimum 200 words), which will be your introduction to the class.

In Class on Thurs, 9/3:

  1. CI Keys check-in.
  2. Introduction to course blog feed.
  3. Digital identity discussion.


Week 3 *

Topic: Mindful Use of Social Media (Challenge 1)

To Do (complete these items by Tuesday by 4:15pm):

  1. Read Net Smart, Introduction and Chapter 1.
  2. Participate in the VoiceThread Book Talk for Net Smart.Log into MyCI.
  3. Click on CI Learn.
  4. In your My Courses list, click on our class.
  5. In our course, click on the “VoiceThread” button in the left navigation menu.
  6. Click on the VoiceThread link.
  7. Listen to the introductory slides of the VoiceThread and complete the activity as instructed.
  8. Click here to view “Using Social Media for Learning” – This is a tri-fold brochure, follow page numbers as you read.
  9. Complete Challenge 1- Digital Footprint Audit (click for details).
  10. Blog Post #2 –  Write and publish a 250-500 word post that reflects on your audit process. Remember this is a public space, so only share what you would like the world to know.

In Class on Thurs, 9/10:

  1. Discuss and share Digital Footprint Audit activities. Don’t forget to bring your screenshots!
  2. What is “mindful use of social media”? How does one be mindful? What skills do you already have/need to develop to use social media mindfully?

Week 4 *

Topic: Identify Contemporary Issues (Challenge 2)

To Do (complete these items byTuesday by 4:15pm):

In Class on Thurs, 9/17:

  • Review social issues identified and create small groups

Week 5 *

Topic: Finding What We Need (Challenge 3: Component 1)

To Do (complete these items byTuesday by 4:15pm):

  1. Read Net Smart, Chapter 2: Crap Detection 101.
  2. Participate in Voicethread Booktalk: Chapter 2 Net Smart
  3. View the video (below), “Beware online ‘filter bubbles'”
  4. Blog Post #4: Write and publish a 250-500 word blog post that summarizes what you have done this week to collect information about your selected topic (Challenge 3). Include an overall evaluation of the resources you have examined (including a discussion of any “crap detection” you may have encountered). Remember to include an introduction to your post that provides context about this project to readers outside of this class.

**Please note, we will send an announcement when Google Docs are setup for Challenge 3.

In Class on Thurs, 9/24:

  1. Discuss Crap Detection
  2. Share and discuss your progress on Challenge 3 with groups.

Week 6 *

Topics: Peer Review Search (Challenge 3: Component 2)

To do (complete these items by Tuesday by 4:15pm):

  1. Continue Challenge 3: Collect.  This week you focus on Component 2: Peer Reviewed Research Search.
    • View video, “Quick Tips and Shortcuts for Database Searching” This video has a great overview of general database searching tips.
    • If you are unfamiliar with the CI Library, view the video Finding Resources @CI Library. This video will help you get started in the CI Library databases.
    • Find articles published in peer reviewed articles about your social issue. Search the CI Library and Google Scholar, compare results. Share two articles with your team. (Search tips for Google Scholar)
    • By Tuesday at 4:15, write a 250-500 word blog post demonstrating what you have done and what you have learned.
    • Read blog posts from others researching your topic and leave a comment on their blogs.
  2. This week you will Read: How to Teach Students to Evaluate the Quality of Online Information
  3. View Evan Williams on What’s behind Twitter’s Explosion (below)

In Class on Thurs, 10/1:

  • Small group discussion: share and analyze findings from peer review searches.
  • Class discussion: Compare peer-review search experience (component 2) to web search experience (component 1).

Week 7 *

Topic: Social Media Search (Challenge 3: Component 3).

If you choose to search Twitter and/or Facebook, please refer to this information for assistance.

Searching Twitter:

This information is based upon using a computer (not a mobile app).

  • You will perform searches in Twitter to locate usernames (start with @), hashtags (start with #), and other findings that are relevant to your topic
  • If you have a Twitter account:
  • If you do not have a Twitter account,
    • go to Twitter.com and type your key words into the search box at the top left.
    • Click on usernames that appear to be relevant to your topic and examine their bio, Tweet history, and hashtags included within Tweets.
    • Repeat your search with different keywords. Try searching for hashtags you discover, as well.

Searching Facebook:

This information is based upon using a computer (not a mobile app).

  • If you have a Facebook account, log in, enter search terms in the search box, click search and investigate your findings by clicking on the various category tabs below (click here to see a screenshot).
  • If you do not have a Facebook account:

By Tuesday at 4:15pm, you will:

  • Read the opening pages (pp. 111-119) in Ch 3 of Net Smart.
  • Comment on the VoiceThread slide for Ch 3 about Participatory Culture.
  • Post the most relevant items from your social media searches in your team Google Doc with a description of what the resource is and a short explanation about your findings.  For example, you may contribute a list of Twitter users who are contributing relevant and credible knowledge about your topic, as well as popular hashtags that relate to your topic. You may also contribute links to Facebook pages and/or groups that are especially active and generating relevant knowledge about your topic.
  • Write a 250-500 word blog post demonstrating what you have done and what you have learned.
  • Read blog posts from others researching your topic and leave a comment on their blogs.

In Class on Thurs, 10/8:  

  • In small groups: share and discuss your social media search findings.
  • As a class: Compare and contrast the findings from your social media search experience to the findings from your peer-reviewed search and web search.

Week 8 *

Topics: Participatory Culture and Lurking

This week we review what it means to be a citizen in a participatory culture. You will begin participating by lurking on social media. Yes, lurking is a real thing. After reading NetSmart and the other materials below you will be able to understand the role of lurking in a participatory culture. The order of the materials presented is important this week. You should start with #1 and end with #5.

To Do (complete these items by Tuesday by 4:15pm):

  1. View Power Law of Participation, below. As you view this video think about the examples of Participatory Culture that you posted in the VT last week. Is the Power Law of Participation confirmed?
  2. Read pages 120-133 in Chapter 3 of Net Smart.
  3. Participate in the VoiceThread- 2 slides Participation Skills & Curation
  4. Read the article, It’s Good to Lurk on Social Media
  5. Begin the 2-week Challenge 4-Lurk.

In Class on Thurs, 10/15:
This week, you have the option to attend class in-person or virtually via Zoom. If you would like to attend virtually, click the link below on a computer with a webcam or from a smartphone/tablet with a wifi connection: http://zoom.us/j/4088079377 


Week 9 *

Topics: Lurking and Participatory Culture

To Do (complete these items by Tuesday by 4:15pm):

  • Complete the interactive activity, “My Campus Experience” (from Katelynn). Click here to access the activity and read the instructions at the top of the page.
  • Read pages: pp. 134-145 in Net Smart (the rest of Ch 3).
  • Go to our VoiceThread Book Talk and leave a comment on the two slides that include prompts for pages 134-138 and 138-141.
  • Continue the lurking in two social media sites that you began last week for Challenge 4-Lurk.
  • Write a blog post that fulfills the criteria for Challenge 4-Blog Post 2 (click to read the criteria).

In Class on Thurs, 10/22:  

  • Participatory activity about Lurking and Engaging.

Week 10 *

Topics: Participation, Engagement and Social-Digital Know How

To Do (complete these items by Tuesday by 4:15pm):

Part 1

  • Find a CI social media site to follow or engage with. Check out the CI Social Media Directory for ideas
  • If interested download, Campus Quad. Campus Quad is a Social Media app for CI community. It is a great place to learn about events. 

Part 2

  • View Gaming Can Make a Better World by Jane McGonigal
  • Read NetSmart pgs 146-162
  • Go to our Voicethread Booktalk and leave a comment on the two new slides that include prompts related to NetSmart and Participation.
  • Complete Challenge 5-Engage follow link for details
  • Tag all engagement with #univ349dc hashtag and watch tagboard to see your classmates activity.

Challenges: Challenge 5-Engage

In Class on Thurs, 10/29: Discuss Challenge 5 and share experiences. 

Week 11 *

Topics: Social-Digital Know-How and Being Involved

To Do (complete these items byTuesday by 4:15pm):

  1. Read pages 162-190. Be prepared to explain and discuss an example about one of the following topics in class on the 5th.
    1. Virtual Communities ( Arthur, Ricardo, Ryland, Marisa)
    2. Crowdsourcing (Thalia, Alex, Marina. Joshua)
    3. Social Production (Marisa, Sam, Michael, Jorge)
    4. Wiki Collaboration (Melissa, Vanessa, Ron, Gloria)
  2. View the TED Talk video about “How to upgrade democracy for the internet era” posted below. As you watch, think about how this idea would impact your life as a digital citizen.
  3. Go to Voicethread Booktalk and participate in the slide about Pia Mancini’s TED talk.
  4. Complete this course feedback survey.
  5. Go to CI Learn and check your “Current Grade” in the gradebook. If you have any questions about your scores, email Jill and Michelle.
  6. Continue Challenge 5-Be Active
    1. Post blog post
    2. Remember to use #univ349DC
  7. Go to the Student Blogs page, read at least two blog posts written by your peers and comment on them.



Challenges: Challenge 5-Be Active

In Class on Thurs, 11/5: Bring your examples related to the topic assigned to you above, and be prepared to share with the class. 

Week 12 *

Topics: How Using the Internet Mindfully Can Make You Smarter

To Do (complete these items by Tuesday by 4:15pm):

  1. Read Chapter 6 of Net Smart (Chapter 5 is optional reading).
  2. Interview VoiceThread Activity:
    • Conduct a 20-minute interview about a topic related to chapter 6. There are two topics to choose from. Take time to read the topics now and arrange a time to talk with the person you plan to interview.  Click here for complete details.
    • By Tuesday at 4:15, go to the Book Talk VoiceThread and leave a voice comment on the appropriate slide that summarizes what you learned in your interview.
  3. Continue Challenge 5-Be Active — this is the final week for this challenge!

    • Write your Challenge 5-3 blog post. Remember to discuss how your engagement this week built upon your previous weeks’, and discuss what you did differently and why.
    • Remember to use #UNIV349DC
  4. Go to the Student Blogs page, read at least two blog posts written by your peers and comment on them.

In Class on Thurs, 11/12:  Share findings from your interview in small groups.  Discuss your final project.

Week 13 *

Topics: Digital Citizenship from others perspectives

To Do (complete these items by Tuesday by 4:15pm):

      1. ReadingTurning Students into Good Digital Citizens
      2. Video– From Knowledgable to Knowledge-Able – Wesch
      3. Blog Post
        • After reading the article and watching the video, summarize how they relate to each other. Pull in at least two points that connect between the two sources. Explain these points in a blog post.
        • Additionally, pull in examples (min. 2) beyond the provided materials to support your ideas. Please use links & images.
        • Be sure to hyperlink the video and reading in your post when you reference them. 
      4. Voicethread– Return to Voicethread slides from last week’s interviews. Listen to you classmates interview summaries and choose 3 to respond to.
        1. Discuss your thoughts about how the person interviewed values digital citizenship and why.
      5. Review & Begin planning for Challenge 6 (Due 12/3) Come to class next week with questions. 

In Class on Thurs, 11/19: Discuss Blog posts and Final project. Finish up details. This will be our last time meeting in person together. 

Week 14 *

We will not meet this week (Happy Thanksgiving!).

To Do (work on these items):

  • Component 1 of Final Project – Create the slides for your VoiceThread project.

Week 15 *

We will not meet this week. 

Topic: Final Project – Presentation Development

By Thursday, December 3rd at 4:15:

Week 16 – Finals Week *

We will not meet this week.

By Tuesday, December 8th at 4:15:

1. Click on the “VoiceThread” link in CI Learn.

2. You will see all the VoiceThreads your peers have shared.

3. Select two VoiceThreads. Listen to the entire presentation. On the “Discussion” slide, leave a 2-3 minute prompt that critically responds to the prompt. If possible, build off of existing comments.

By Thursday, December 10th at 4:15